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Windows 10 Mobile: Fixing no data connection

After the last upgrade on my work phone to Windows 10 build 10166, somehow my data connection stopped worked. After an initial first line troubleshooting involving a few restarts and fidgeting with the data connection, I decided to let this one rest since I mostly tend to use my work phone with wi-fi anyway. However today I was in need to use my phone’s data connection so I had another go into fixing this issue. and I am happy to say that I resolved it quicker than I expected. Read more >>

Dynamics CRM: Sales pipeline funnel bug

Not sure if I should be happy about it, but a couple of months ago I discovered my first bug in Dynamics CRM 2011. I am confident I am not the only one to have bumped into this issue. Microsoft just confirmed to me that this is in fact a bug.

I noticed that when viewing the sales pipeline funnel chart while user has another currency selected that it is not the base currency, the funnel is not rendered and the user is presented with a blank chart.

I opened an incident with Microsoft and they managed to replicate this issue. It seems that when the user selects a default currency that has a conversion rate lower than 0.5, the values in the sales pipeline funnel chart seem to round to zero; thus rending the chart useless.

At the moment the “workaround” (note the quotes here) is to set a conversion value equal or higher than 0.5 (not really a workaround if you ask me).

The feedback I got from Microsoft is that this issue will be fixed in the Update Rollup 4, which is scheduled for mid October/2011.

I raised this issue on Microsoft Connect (ID 665233) on 27/April/2011. Here is my original post about this issue on the Microsoft forums.