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Dynamics CRM: Microsoft aquires Parature

Jan 7, 2014   //   by Pedro Mac Dowell Innecco   //   Dynamics CRM  //  Comments Off on Dynamics CRM: Microsoft aquires Parature

If there is one module of Microsoft Dynamics CRM that always leave me with the bitter taste of I wish I could, is the service module.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I reckon the service module provides good value, and I have deployed Dynamics CRM solution around this module in past which clients were happy with; but Dynamics CRM isn’t a full fledged service management system such like Remedy or Peregrine. The problem is that it doesn’t have much space for growth, particularly for organisations willing to provide service level agreements (SLAs) slightly more complicated than the default, over-simplistic examples.

The good news is that Microsoft announced today the acquisition of Parature; a customer self-service company based in Virginia, USA. Parature provides a bunch of products and services around service and support including a customer self-service platform, multi-channel customer service and social customer service.

I think it is fair to speculate that Microsoft is willing to provide their Dynamics CRM customer base with the ability to easily create their own support portals. The question at hand is whether this will be an offering only for Office 365 customers or if customers with on-premises Dynamics CRM should also expect to enjoy the benefits of this acquisition.

However as a Dynamics CRM consultant, what I am really looking forward to is the expected enhancements in the service module. Read more >>