Linksys WAG54G v2: The Hidden Pages

I have been eagerly waiting for the Wireless-N standard to be rectified so I can finally change my home router for a new one. I must say that during the years I had enough of Linksys routers. Although owned by CISCO, I’ve been quite disappointed with the level of features provided by my WAG54G router. However, while browsing I found about two quite useful configuration pages which seem to be ‘hidden’ in the router. In particular, there is a page to configure DHCP reservation; a feature that I’ve been missing badly!

This is the list of hidden pages in the WAG54G router. I have tested these using the 1.01.22 firmware and the work fine. To access these pages, point your browser to your router IP address and append the correct page address (for example

DHCP Reservation Allows you to reserve specific IP addresses to given computers based on their MAC address or host name. /dhcp_reserved.asp
ADSL Current Status Table Provides userfull information about your hardware, such as the ADSL line type and Annex. /ADSLCStatus.htm

You can find more information at Let me know if you have any more WAG54G V2 hints!

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