Microsoft Community Contributor 2011 Award

This evening I’ve been surprised by an e-mail from Microsoft congratulating me on my online contributions, which have been recognised with the Microsoft Community Contributor Award.

Thank you Microsoft for this kind award.

There are often reasons why a company is successful, and I always defend that there are different ways and metrics for measuring success. Although Microsoft products is a key part of my knowledge portfolio, I do work (and I like to work) with other systems. I do participate other online communities and visit other online resources, but in my experience there isn’t an organisation out there that invests so much in technical resources and online content like Microsoft does. I visit TechNet and MSDN almost every day, and one key element that makes Microsoft products so special is their vibrant community.

It is refreshing to know that Microsoft pays such close attention to their communities and followers.

Thank you once again Microsoft. 🙂

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