The blog thief

Shame on you, Intergen! You read about this sort of stuff but you never think it will happen to you — until it does. Just found out that a company in Wellington, New Zealand named Intergen has been using images and other content from my blog into the own presentations. They even call it “Diving into the Sales Pipeline”, which is the title of my blog series from when I used to be a Dynamics CRM consultant, where the content has been copied without my consent.

You can find my original blog post here. Where I come from, we call this thievery.

UPDATE: A digital marketing representative from Intergen got in touch with me. At first he was trying to “understand the basis of my claim” as he was looking an update post from 2013 that uses the same image. However the same image has been originally used in a post from 2011. I was pretty enraged at this point, since the representative was wondering “if the two images [I] refer too [sic] came from Microsoft”. Once we established that the images were mine, I got a response that the file has been removed. I got no apology whatsoever, but I did get an entire paragraph devoted to deflecting responsibility for the theft, and a request for this post to be removed. Since you are still reading this post, I am sure that you can guess what I think of their request.

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  • I understand your feeling, you have worked hard to create good blog posts and others use it with out your permission. Honestly it is very hard to protect blog content form others, they can copy it from many styles as 100% or just the idea… but the good thing is Search engines as Google like the unique content and they value the original contents.

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